My journey as a Professional Voice Practitioner and Complementary Therapist came about after a devastating rejection from the Postgraduate Performer’s Course at the Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014. Already a trained opera singer, I can never remember a time when I didn’t have stage fright and needless to say the audition was nerve-wracking anyway, but the cutthroat attitude and superficial friendliness of the audition panel did nothing for my self-esteem. 

Complementary Practitioner and Therapist
Empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

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Twenty years ago my singing career was put on hold due to marriage and thereafter the births of my two daughters. By the time I started the Master’s Professional Voice Practitioner course I was already suffering anxiety, fuelled by limiting beliefs at going to University as a mature student and having huge guilt at leaving my 14 and 9 year old daughters without a mum for 14 hours a day.


There was no one at University on hand trained in mental ill-health to help me through the gruelling, weekly assessments and I have to admit, taking the MA was one of the worst years of my life. The course was relentless and without a therapist’s support, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone suffering stage fright, low self-worth, limiting beliefs and anxiety. I was constantly in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode.


I would go into an anxiety bubble before the performing tutorials, I’d freeze and blank my words in performances, in teaching and in presentations, resulting in flushing, palpitations and larynx lockdown. There was not one person skilled in both vocal coaching and therapy to help me manage the challenging, negative emotions that had overwhelmed me.


My resilience was low and the amount of work to prepare at home, whilst looking after my daughters, left me a nervous wreck. I needed to sort myself out before I could help anyone else and from that time on, I resolved to be the person I never had. 


Shortly after the MA-PVP Graduation, I trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and Time-Line Therapist swapping freebie sessions with an Advanced NLPer’s knowledge of hypnotherapy for my vocal coaching. The results for both of us were amazing and in November 2017 I was able to get back into performing and she recovered her voice. Since then I’ve discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and I can honestly say ‘Tapping’ has been an absolute lifesaver for both my clients and myself and combined with NLP creates a great toolkit. Once taught, you will have empowering tools to self-maintain and build your resilience. Okay, you might prefer weekly sessions with me at first until you learn the ropes, but then you’ll be flying solo.  Don’t worry; I’ll still be your safety net!   Be empowered and

Voice your Mind.