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Performing Arts School

Professional Voice Practice

Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire and West Midlands

Voice your Mind 

For a healthy voice, mind and body.

If our minds are distressed with performance anxiety, recent loss, audition stress, sleepless nights, relationship issues, and any other issues that hurl themselves at us, our voices will become distressed.  Our bodies show the impact of these negative influences and again our mental health will deteriorate.  A vicious cycle.

As both performer and practitioner, I know that public performances, as well as public speaking and presentations, can be quite daunting, often resulting in stage fright.  This, in turn, shuts down our vocal mechanism and has the ability to send our bodies into flight, fight or freeze mode.

With qualified and empathetic guidance, and in strict confidence, I will give you the tools to build up your resilience and empower you to be the Best Version of Yourself


Take a look at for more in-depth details for vocal health..

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