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Life coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire and West Midlands


How we process information and store past experiences in our minds.


The language we use to communicate our experiences.


The patterns or programmes of thought and behaviour that either help or hinder.

What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

NLP is the study of excellence.  Do you have limiting beliefs or harmful behaviours that you’d like to change?


NLP is a proven tool for getting results and creating success.  Its powerful but simple techniques can be used in training, business, sales, coaching, health and therapy.  It can help you achieve excellence in all areas of your life.

Creating Reality....

When we experience an event, we perceive the event through our senses – visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (touching), olfactory (smelling), and gustatory (tasting). We then process this sensory information through our filters where we make deletions, distortions and generalisations about this perceived event. The filters we run this information by are our memories, values, beliefs, attitudes, and decisions.

After this filtering, we end up with an internal representation of the event that, through our nervous system (neurology), will affect our body (chemistry). No two people will perceive an event in exactly the same way. Our perceptions are unique to us.


As our perceptions of reality are based on our filters and in turn govern our response and how we behave, we must ask ourselves 


‘are our responses and consequent behaviours helpful to us?’


So in order to perceive an event differently, we just change our filters to a helpful way of thinking.  We are thus empowered and are actually in charge of how we perceive reality. 


Take this for an example….


You’re on your way to work, always leaving home at the same time.  You arrive at the tube station and find it closed for essential maintenance.
Unhelpful thinkingthis always happens to me.  I’m now going to be late because I time my journey perfectly and won’t get to work on time. I’ve now got to find another route.


Helpful thinking I realise I time by morning journey too tightly and not left any room for delays.  I’m glad the tube station has closed as it shows keeping the public safe is of the utmost importance.  This now gives me an opportunity to find a new route, which might even be better than my current one. I also know now to give myself more time for unexpected delays.

Therefore, the world we experience is NOT the world outside of us and is NOT the true reality.  It is the reality we have created and we become empowered when we change our perceptions and our filters.  

There are numbers of techniques we can use in NLP.  My favourites and mostly used are for phobias where we go to an imaginary cinema; Parts Integration where we have a conflict i.e. part of me wants to do this and the other part wants to do that, and a great one is Time-Line therapy where we time travel taking a current issue such as anxiety, back to the past to find the root cause.  Remember, we’re not born with anxiety but we don’t know when it was caused because our subconscious has buried it to protect us.  Usually, when we find the root cause, anxiety lessens and other issues even go away.

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