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Health & Wellbeing

The challenge – wants control of refined sugar intake.  
Unwanted behaviour - mindless grazing.

My client is female and in her 30s. Has a craving for sweet, sugary things - chocolate, sweets, cake, biscuits. She buys them for her husband and children, but also succumbs to the temptation of eating them. 
She finds she grazes mindlessly without actually enjoying what she’s eating.



My client felt the whole experience was very relaxing, seemingly simple and quick so now we have to future pace possible scenarios where biscuits and sweets would be issues. this afternoon?
'I’ve no urge to go to the cupboard and even if I do have to go to that cupboard, I can’t see the sweets in there in my mind, even now. I also picture taking the lid off the biscuit tin but the contents are blurred.'



....when you pay for the petrol?
'I see myself buying the sweets. Handing the packets over to the children but not having one when they offer them to me. I’m salivating and feeling sick at the thought of them.’



....and at the cinema?
'I can’t see the ‘pick ‘n’ mix bar. It’s like someone’s erased it. I can still see everything else in the cinema in my mind but not the sweets’ area.’



....and longer car journeys?
'I can see me putting a healthier package together for my children and myself so that we’re not tempted to eat just the junk; that we see the sweets as a treat or dessert after the healthier option has been eaten. Hopefully, then we’ll be full and not want them anyway.’


I received a text later that day. 'I've had my usual cuppa but without the biscuit, Thank you'. Since then, my client has had sugar fixes but has had more control.
Note. We only really had an outcome for the biscuit at this time as it was a daily afternoon and evening occurrence and during lockdown my client wasn’t going to the cinema so that couldn’t be tested.  However, she did fill the car up without having the children with her, which is another great strategy to change an unwanted behaviour. 

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